When I first picked up a rod of glass and prepared to put it into the flame of course I was apprehensive.  However in my typical fashion the apprehension was completely overwhelmed by my enthusiasm to get in there and melt some glass!  Wow, was that an amazing moment.  It was immersive.  Immersive like jumping into the trinity river before it has warmed up for the season. 

All my senses were firing off.  The sound of the torch popping on and off while shamelessly hissing from the gasses too high.  The fans droning away pulling out the stale air that we really had no idea about whether it was dangerous or not.  Glass breaking as everyone tenses up for that moment as we ask ourselves, "Was that intentional?"  The wind blew over our shoulders as we tried to hold the glass steady.

And the little things, like the glass staying warm well past it has lost it's glow.  And the glow... It is like a fiber optic aurora lighting up the rod opposite the end that is warm.  But be warned, those concentrated photons being channeled through the glass rod and out the other side can cause discomfort themselves.  You know this when your palm overheats holding a rod that is so short it is tucked into your crevice of your hand as your try to spin it.

And one of those details is here in the pic.  If is of a molten ball of clear glass, gathered on a rod of clear.  The moment captured is when that fluid ball of glowing honey is pressed down upon frit, which is crumbled color glass.  It is called, aptly, a frit pick up.  Then heat will be applied again and the smoothly molten mass we be attached the mouth of a waterpipe.

And why this pic?  The gentle and quiet glow of the glass as it sits for a moment inside the cup.  Like a moment of calm in a flurry of fire and chaos.  And then the spinning continues.