Recently we picked up a few different magnifying scopes in order to see what we may want to sell up front for those with a little "elbow room" who might want something to closely inspect the health of the plants.

The big winner was a new breed of USB microscopes that are pen shaped and very reasonably priced.  Most of these however require being plugged into a computer, and I wanted portability so I could take it out tide pooling and taking macro nature shots.  My solution was a new app that is available called CameraFi.  It is free and it takes these scopes to a whole new level. 

We are looking at absolutely everything.  Dust, fabric, skin, bugs, or food, it doesn't matter.  Everything is so fascinating.  Only the most dull and incurious person would not loose hours to this toy.  When checking out our fingerprints we could see the hydraulic pumping of our sweat glands secreting fluid that quickly evaporated.  Whoa.

The pic I am showcasing here is a wasp that was guarding it's nest that is located near our shop.  They haven't been bothering us at all, and in fact we have been watching them build their rather small nest with no aggression at all from them.  So when I got 2mm from the face of one this is the result. 

In this view you can see the complex compound eyes that you may be familiar with.  What we found with the scope that we were surprised about is three more simple eyes atop it's head.  Some research through wikipedia taught me that the simple eyes are pretty much light sensors with a large, direct channel to the insects brain.  The information from these eyes are like how our sense of smell works, bypassing thought and directly interacting with the brain.  So with the three eyes monitoring change in light intensity the insect can adjust pitch, yaw and roll in the fastest possible way.  Double whoa.