Helping you make the best of Humboldt County

S.T.I.L. is an idea born right here in Humboldt County.  A store that could hold the fascination of Humboldt County within it's walls.  We enjoy the natural beauty Humboldt to offer, curiosities from around the world, skating and playing roller derby, as well as glass art.

Gone are the days of business as the gatekeepers to your hobbies.  Now instead business is a friend in the process of discovering new and awesome things.  We, like you, are learning about the newest toys and lifestyle accessories.  We try them out and share our experiences with you, while listening to your feedback tomake sure we are only offering good quality products that Humboldt folk actually need.

So please, come check us out, and share in the discovery of Humboldt's many great interests.

Team Stil and Team Primal joined forces for

adventure day!


A little Humboldt County Eye Candy.